Here are some some links about glass technology.

Tempered glass FAQ

Plate Glass or tempered

Holes in Tempered Glass

Just about everything you need for Laminated glass FAQ

Our flat glass is a tempered glass but laminated is available  all of our side set's and backs are available in both. We also make exotic colors like Amber, Blue and any color automotive glass is available.

Ask about the new "E" coatings that protect your interior with modern UV technology.  No one has it and we do.

You spent a few hundred or a few thousand dollars on the interior you can add protection with the "E" coat glass technology for just a few dollars extra. If you just prevented two more years of sun damage to your investment how  cool is that. Tech spec's. coming soon.

Contact: or T/(909) 638-2406 or old skool FAX: (877) 852-8807

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