About OUR Glass

All of our glass is made in the AMERICA from start to finish. Try getting that from anyone but our authorised reseller network. The best part is it is very competitive with cheap import glass. 

  We have the most friendly and knowledgeable staff any where in the Classic Auto Glass industry.We are always looking for new ways to better serve our world wide network of dealers.

    We offer the most extensive line of antique, classic and muscle car flat glass anywhere. We offer only tempered side sets in clear, Solex¬© (green tint), smoke gray Amber, blue and any color automotive glass comes in. We offer all our flat glass in "temper or "laminated" . Our back glass standard is tempered glass but any item is available in laminated with a day over standard  turnaround.

     If you need clear for that original or show car look we supply all of our pieces in clear as an option. We get so many calls from people telling us they have been told they can't get what we have in stock but we have a large inventory and can make all of the flat glass either in laminate or temper in a day or 2 if not in stock.

    We pride ourselves in our knowledge and ability. We strive to get better every year. We also add staff to support our growing customer base. We have added steadily to our shipping and crating departments. We have added to our sales and service staff.

We also offer new and classic  windshields at fair prices so if you need one just call or email for a quote.


If others tell you it's not made or not available call us next.

 Sales & Service

T/(909) 638-2406 or Email me at irep@gmx.com and old school FAX: (877) 852-8807


My Mission

 Continually expand our Vintage and antique auto glass parts availability. Maintaining a process to improve inventory and at the same time control costs to keep pricing low. We want to have the most helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff in the business. You get the best service and product every time. If you have a problem we will to resolve it as quickly as possible. We are always looking for ways to get you what you want when you want it at the best value possible. Call us and compare us to your current supplier we will not compete with you.  We also refer retail to our top resellers in regions around the country because their business is our business.

For a dealer opportunity or a referral just call (909) 638-2406 and ask for sales and service.

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